Choosing a separate or combined Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Photograher and Videographer film a bride at sunset

Choosing trusted professionals to capture your wedding day will probably be the best decision you’ll make, but what are the benefits of hiring an all in one photography and videography business, verse hiring a photographer and videographer separately? Table of Contents Choosing an option that best fits your vision When planning your dream wedding, booking […]

How Much Does a Videographer Cost in 2022?

Bride and Groom pose in The Southern Highlands at the wedding ceremony

How Much Does a Videographer Cost in 2022? Your wedding day is a glorious one-off event that can never be relived. With months of planning and preparation leading up to that one special day, it makes sense to have professionals there to capture every unique moment. Luckily you can hire a videographer to capture these […]

The Growing Trend For Unplugged Weddings

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Choosing an unplugged wedding ceremony may not feel like a glamourous or important decision at the top of your to-do list but it might be the best decision you make. There are several reasons why you might consider an unplugged ceremony or even an unplugged wedding that may help to create the perfect stress-free day. […]

6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Wedding Film Online Vs A USB Flash Drive

Image of bride in a dark room taken from her wedding film

It’s 2021 and digital delivery of your wedding film should be instantaneous and included in all wedding videography packages! With so many options available including Vimeo, dropbox and google drive, there isn’t any reason why you should accept a standard USB flash drive when considering a wedding videographer and wedding film. Time Editing a wedding […]

Your Must-Have Guide to Wedding Venues in The Southern Highlands

Bride and Groom pose at Exeter Hall in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales

A picturesque hideaway in New South Wales, The Southern Highlands is a dream location to tie the knot with some incredible wedding venues. Let’s begin by saying, congratulations! You’re getting married! And if you’re looking for wedding venues in The Southern Highlands, I bet you’re at the very start of your wedding planning journey, what […]

How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

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Choosing the best wedding videographer that matches your style Choosing the best wedding videographer that matches your style will guarantee that every little detail you meticulously planned for your special day will be captured forever. From that breathtaking moment, you glide down the aisle in your gorgeous gown to the laughter and feels from that […]

11 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Videographer

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If you’re still not sold on the idea, scroll down and find out why hiring a wedding videographer will be the best planning decision you’ll ever make! Getting married is a massive milestone. And your wedding is one of the few times you’ll get to dedicate a whole day to the celebration of your love […]