Choosing an unplugged wedding ceremony may not feel like a glamourous or important decision at the top of your to-do list but it might be the best decision you make.

There are several reasons why you might consider an unplugged ceremony or even an unplugged wedding that may help to create the perfect stress-free day. Here are some facts to consider.

You've hired a professional Videographer and Photographer for a reason

If you’ve planned on hiring a professional videographer and photographer to capture and film your wedding day, it’s likely because you understand that your precious memories are in the best hand possible with an industry professional, rather than aunty Karen and her brand new iPhone at 75% volume snapping her way through the entire ceremony.

This is a wedding not a press conference

Most people carry a mobile phone these days and actively engage on social media so it’s not unreasonable to expect that some guests would be receiving notifications and messages (those noisy pop-up sounds) during your ceremony. As if that’s not distracting enough, having somebody’s phone ring during the ceremony and them franticly search for it in their inner suit pocket or purse that’s under their char is a total distraction and mood killer.

Imagine arriving at the ceremony and as you begin to walk down the aisle locking eyes for the first time with your soon to be husband or wife and all of a sudden the isle is a sea of outstretched arms holding cameras and iPads. It would be fairly difficult for your videographer and photographer to fully remove all those mobile phones and guests looking down at their screen from the images. These days this is the inevitable truth that can be so easily avoided with an unplugged event.

Siri just wants to help

Imagine your perfect ceremony, just as you start reading your personal vows straight from the heart, and out of nowhere: (Siri) “Sorry I didn’t quite get that” booms from one of your guest’s phones, kills the mood and causes you to stutter and have to read that sentence again. Would you believe this had happened on more than one occasion? Yep, true story.

It's your wedding day and you're in charge

We love social media and so do your friends and family, its a wonderful and extremely powerful platform when used for the right reasons.

On your wedding day, you’ve gone to great lengths for you and your bridal party to look your best. You’ve selected a team of hair and beauty professionals to help you look flawless and topped it all of with an amazing dress, this is your day and your moment.

Firstly, you look absolutely stunning and want the first photo that emerges on social media to be one that your awesome professional photographer has taken. It’s got perfect lighting plus a perfect smile and that just married vibe shining through.

For anyone who was not able to attend your wedding, this is the image you want them to see, you looking your best in the perfect moment glowing with love and happiness. You do not want a poorly framed, blurry, unflattering photo with a random Instagram filter slapped on top, uploaded for the whole world to see as you dashed past, down the aisle towards one of the biggest moments of your life.

Stop guests stealing your thunder by asking them to put their phones away

We know that your guests, family and friends love you and are excited about your wedding, but they just don’t realize you’ve paid thousands of dollars for professional videographers and photographers who have the role of capturing your wedding totally under control. They, unfortunately, don’t realize that as awesome and as skilled your wedding videographer and photographers are, we cant film and capture your wedding day if they are standing in the way. Take control of your wedding day and remove the burden and responsibility of your guests being amateur photographers and for the love of all things great, save your wedding day from a paparazzi disaster.

Executing your plan from the very beginning

If you are considering an unplugged ceremony for your special day here are some easy steps to help you in the task of informing your guests in a firm but friendly manner. Often people need to be reminded a few times before it sinks in and they take notice.

1. When creating your wedding invitation be sure to add that you are having an unplugged ceremony. This will give them a heads up and some time for the idea to be remembered and accepted.

2. Have a sign at the ceremony entry as a reminder that it’s an unplugged ceremony. Use google to search ” Unplugged Wedding” and you will find so many cool and wonderful ways to display this message and again remind your guest to be focused on celebrating this moment with you rather than taking the time to post a sneaky Instagram image and hashtag.

3. At the beginning of the ceremony, ask your celebrant to remind your guests that this is an unplugged ceremony and explain why. Your celebrant could say something like:

 “Please, turn off your mobile phones and put down your cameras. Our photographer and Videographer will capture how this moment looks — I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts.

Or maybe:

We ask you to kindly turn off your phones during the wedding and refrain from taking photos. We have professionals on hand to capture all the special moments and they are excited to share their photos with you.”

Good luck and may your wedding day be epic.

If you are considering a South Coast, Southern Highlands or the Blue Mountains wedding videographer check out our films page, I’m sure you’ll love what you see.