Kalinya Luxury Estate: An Exclusive Wedding Retreat

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Grace and Mario's Kalinya Estate Wedding

Kalinya estate is a fairly new wedding venue and the location where the Tv show “Married at First Sight” is filmed and I was looking forward to exploring this gorgeous venue for the first time. I’m not one to watch saucy reality Tv, especially when I get to be a part of so many real-life stories of couples finding each other and falling in love. I’m all about genuine connections, none of this fake  processed Tv stuff (vomit).
I knew that Mario and Grace’s wedding day was going to be a special one but also a hot one (the weather not the sauciness) a whopping 38 degrees for this gorgeous Southern Highlands wedding.

Me: A Southern Highlands Wedding Videographer

Apart from booking Kalinya Luxury Estate, I was the first wedding supplier Mario and Grace contacted. Very quickly I began to understand how important to them their wedding film would be. During our first video chat, I was humbled to learn their story and how they met while dancing at a Latin festival and later would see how good they were. (Totally amazed) I was already fully on board and even more excited when they explained that the wedding day would be super relaxed but also have a dinosaur theme.

One of the reasons Mario and Grace chose Kalinya luxury Estate is because they are huge movie fans, with their favourite moves being Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings among others, and Kaliya Estate having a huge indoor purpose-built cinema with the comfiest chairs and powerful aircon. (Perfect on this 38 degrees day)

Grace and Mario’s wedding rings were impeccably crafted with a personalised elvish script. Just like in Lord of the Rings. Honestly, these wedding bands were pretty amazing and the detail was unbelievable. The day began with me meeting for the first time Mandy the owner who was out keeping the grounds looking pristine and watering the roses. I can only imagine how much work it takes to keep a venue looking immaculate and was appreciative that Mandy was genuinely excited that I was excited to be there as well.

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The Gold Class Cinema, Gym and Squash Court

As mentioned the cinema offers a selection of movies from floor to ceiling, it is something spectacular. This is where I first met up with Mario and his groom’s men. Some were playing vintage video games, some playing Squash and some were in the fully equipped Gym.

Kalinya estate Gold Class Cinema

The Piano & Sports Lounge

The Piano & Sports Lounge is such a well-styled space and is where the guys would begin to get dressed. You’d hardly know it was so warm outside with the guys having a scotch in this cool relaxed space.

The Homestead

The formalities began with an intimate Chinese tea ceremony in the homestead. Grace looking fabulous arrives in a stylish red Qipao to applause.
Mario and Grace share tea and received gifts and best wishes from close family. The backdrop is text and colour, a wall filled with records from many great moves, you could certainly feel the nostalgia.

As the rest of the guests arrived I began the ceremony set up in the garden by the Rotunda. Surrounded by family and friends and a gorgeous floral installation, Julie walked down the aisle with her dad before sharing personal vows.

Kalinya estate drone shot from above

Personalized Wedding Vows - Your guests will love them.

I get it, this has always been a traditional part of the day but it doesn’t have to be so standard, , this is your time to shine, say what you feel and immerse your guest with your story, love and emotion.

I adore it when my couples write their vows. Yeah, it’s helpful to get some pointers from google, but you can always tell when couples read something personal and straight from the heart, your guests will be captivated and engaged, especially when including dinosaur jokes like Grace and Mario did making it their own.

With the very first married kiss to seal the deal, Mario and Grace walk back down the aisle to exploding confetti raining down and a mile of cheers and congratulations from family and friends. After a year of planning it’s done and in the nick of time too.
By now it was hot, really hot and you could feel a storm building, everyone enjoying some music, drinks and canapes in the shade as it begins to cloud over, (perfect timing right!)

The Carriage House

The carriage house is a purpose-built space for events, as well as the sheer size of this space the huge doors open up all one side allowing the space to feel even bigger. At this point, it had gone from sunshine to black skies and the storm loomed. With everyone inside safe and dry, there was lightning, thunder and lots of rain before the storm subsided to cool air and an unusually orange sunset with rainbows and everything – like something out of a movie!

With delicious food and great speeches, Mario and Grace began their first dance. These talented lovers put on a real spectacle for their guests with some perfectly timed Latin dancing. As if this wasn’t already pretty amazing, halfway through the routine a giant inflatable dinosaur randomly enters the building and proceeds to do a choreographed dance with Mario and Grace much to the cheers and laughter of the surprised guests.
I look at all the chairs and tables and their all empty, the dancefloor is fully packed with Mario and Grace dancing the night away.

Wow, what a day and a wild ride, definitely one I’ll remember for a long time.

the carage house bride and groom dance at wedding

Does Kalinya Estate offer Accommodation?

The Homestead offers 8 bedroom spaces with 13 quality beds—sleeping a maximum of 18. This includes 4 large bathrooms plus an outdoor shower. The Lodge offers 5 designer bedrooms with high-quality king-bedroom suites The Lodge also includes four bathrooms with 3 ensuites. The Barn offers upstairs accommodation of 3 king-sized bedrooms, triple bunk room (perfect for children or adults) and 7 high-quality beds. There are 2 stylish bathrooms, and each bedroom is equipped with a Smart TV Internet.

What Is The Address?

60 Great Southern Road
Bargo NSW 2574, Australia

How do I get to Kalinya Estate?

Kalinya Estate is an easy 50-minute drive from Sydney Airport, 40 minutes from Wollongong and 2 hours from Canberra.
Kalinya estate is located less than 5 minutes from the M31 Hume Motorway down a quiet country road.

Is There Parking At Kalinya Estate?

Yes, parking is available at the venue with more available on the street.

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