5 Marriage Celebrants in the Southern Highlands - With Real Videos

Get ready to throw confetti because I’ve got the scoop on the five best marriage celebrants Southern Highlands to Sydney! As a wedding videographer who’s seen it all, recorded it all, and edited it all, trust me when I say, not all celebrants are created equal.

wedding celebrant southern highlands marries couple

A lot of celebrants are just downright average.

I get it, choosing one is hard. Where the heck do you even start? Unless you’ve been to a wedding and seen one in action, where do you even begin? You can’t judge a celebrant solely by their website or their Instagram page.

In my humble opinion, finding the right celebrant is crucial. Your ceremony shouldn’t be a snooze-fest before the real party starts. It should be the heart and soul of your big day, a magical moment that kicks off the good times with something memorable and engaging. Sure, the legal part is important, but this shouldn’t be the main focus of the whole ceremony. Your ceremony should celebrate why you two love each other so much in the first place. It should move people and make them laugh, cry, and cheer (sometimes all at once), but most importantly, entertain them by mixing just the right amount of sentimentality with a sprinkle of cheekiness and charm. What you don’t want is somebody who’s been flogging the same monotone speech and tasteless jokes since 2000 rambling on and on while you and your guests bake in the sun.

Creating the Wedding Ceremony Hype

No, this isn’t some paid promotion—I’m just here to share the love for these incredible celebrants who have mastered the art of holding a crowd in the palm of their hand, making you shed a tear and cracking a joke a split second later. This takes some damn serious skill. Look for someone whose personality clicks with yours and the vibe you’ve envisioned. You want a celebrant who feels like they could easily slide into your friend group and join the celebrations.

Here’s a pro tip: You want your celebrant who carry’s a quality PA system. This ensures as you walk down the aisle, your music will be heard, the guests at the back will hear you and your celebrant’s words, and you won’t have any wireless mic dropouts which can kill the ceremony vibe (and your wedding ceremony film).

So, without further ado and in no particular order, let me introduce you to the five best celebrants Southern Highlands and Sydney.

Rebecca : Celebrant

Vibe – Modern warm storyteller with a heart of pure gold.

Meet Bec, your go-to celebrant from the South Coast, who brings a cool, calm, and collected vibe to your celebration. Her words are like a warm hug, making your heart glow with love and laughter. But here’s the twist—Rebecca is more than just your average celebrant. She’s a storytelling extraordinaire, a true lover of love, and an MC with a heart of gold. She also ensures that both feel fully represented by going above and beyond to establish a safe, relaxed environment where you can truly celebrate your love.

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Curator of Love Stories

Vibe – Just Fabulous. A glass of bubbly champagne (in human form)

Shoshanna is all things bright and bubbly, the kind of person who makes sure your nan is comfortable and has a glass of Prosecco in hand. Known to speak a few different languages, she’s a performer at heart who loves making people feel special throughout the ceremony with small personal touches. Modern and fun with a splash of color, she’s the fabulous bestie you’ve always wanted.

My fav moment: After a laid-back ceremony just before Easter, Shoshanna starts handing out chocolate Easter eggs from a tray, so random but oh so delicious.

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Married By Adam

Vibe – The ultimate class clown and stand-up magician!

If you’re all about creating unforgettable memories and giving your guests something to talk about, Adam is your guy. Picture this: He’s the kind of celebrant you’d want to share a cold one with, cracking jokes and ensuring your wedding is the talk of the town (or at least the reception venue). With Adam, you’re guaranteed a rollercoaster of emotions—laughter one moment, tears of joy the next.

Adam’s got this chill vibe that instantly calms those pre-wedding jitters before hitting you right in the feels with his sentimental side. His mantra? Your ceremony should scream “you,” leaving everyone wondering if you and Adam have been best buds for years. Trust me, Adam’s the secret ingredient to making your big day epic.

Real words from a groom – I’m sad the ceremony is over and Adam’s leaving, how are we supposed to top that?

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Marry Me Nicky

Vibe – Your go-to for weddings that are as fun and laid-back as a Sunday brunch.

If you’re looking for someone who can turn your love story into a captivating and meaningful journey, Nicky’s your gal. She’s all about keeping it real and making you feel at ease, even when you’re standing in the spotlight. Nicky’s superpower? Classic one-liners with loads of personality, plus getting to know you and your partner just like old mates, so when the big moment comes, it feels more like a cozy chat with a friend.

Be quick though—she marries a limited number of lovers per year. You’ll book her as your Celebrant but keep her as your mate, trust me.

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Married By Caroline

Vibe – Authentic and warm with positive energy.

Caroline creates a froth-worthy ceremony experience for you and your guests—think modern and personal but with elegance and fun. Whether you’re planning an intimate elopement on Sydney Harbour or a more grand celebration in the Southern Highlands, Caroline brings a warm and welcoming energy to every occasion. If you want a celebrant who’ll sprinkle your wedding with joy, authenticity, and a bit of class, then Caroline should be your go-to.

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Wedding Celebrants Sydney & Southern Highlands

Don’t wait until the last minute to pick your wedding celebrant! Trust me. They often book out way early, even years in advance. Remember they’re not just Southern Highlands celebrants but also Sydney wedding celebrants as well as covering the South Coast.

Pro tip: These Wedding Celebrants are also killer MC’S. They’ll keep your reception flowing and on track while keep your guests fully entertained.

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