It's 2021 and digital delivery of your wedding film should be instantaneous and included in all wedding videography packages!

With so many options available including Vimeo, dropbox and google drive, there isn’t any reason why you should accept a standard USB flash drive when considering a wedding videographer and wedding film.


Editing a wedding film can be a highly involved and creative process. A good wedding film should take time. Once your wedding film is completed, the fastest and most efficient way for you to receive your wedding film is by digital download. No need to wait for your movie to be transferred to a USB flash drive, be packaged and boxed and labelled and dropped off at the post office. On top of that, there will be at least a few extra days to wait for delivery.
With a digital download, The very second your film is uploaded it’s also available for download just like that.

The rough cut

Do any changes need to be made to your wedding films before they are sent? With a digital download, your videographer can easily upload a rough cut for you to watch and make any tweaks. This is something that is just not possible with a USB flash drive.

Freedom to share

Not only can you instantly download your wedding film via the private link, but you can also share the link with family all over the globe—no need to make copies of your USB flash drives and post to loved ones.

Your social media

If you wish to share your wedding films over Facebook and Instagram, a digital download is ideal. It’s not even necessary to download your wedding film, simply share the link provided for all your friends and family to check out your amazing wedding video.

Environmental footprint

Consider the amount of packaging waste associated with a physical USB flash drive. Disposal of the new flash drive packaging, original gift box packing and bubble wrap from the supplier, repacking of the gift box, and a plastic postage satchel. With a digital download, no packaging is needed, helping everyone make better choices for the planet.

Lost or damaged wedding films

We have had couples contact us years later and explain they have lost their wedding films, as you can imagine it’s just not possible to keep a copy of every wedding film ever made on our workstation.
A digital download solves by making your film available for download on all your devices including phones, notebooks, desktops and your external hard drive. Should you somehow still lose a copy of your wedding films, all you need to do is download a new copy, even years later.

Dion Cario Films include all wedding films online with unlimited downloads.  Contact us