How To Find The Best Wedding Content Creator

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The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Content Creators

Opting for a Sydney wedding content creator to capture your special day can be a fantastic choice. However, just like any vendor you choose for this once-in-a-lifetime moment, it’s crucial to understand what you’ll be getting. Dive in for some insightful considerations!

As the wedding industry evolves, so does the way couples document and share their special day. Wedding content creators have emerged as a new way to document a wedding day using the latest phones to capture candid wedding moments. While their approach introduces a fresh perspective to the traditional wedding scene, like any service, it comes with its own set of pros and cons.

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What is a wedding Content Creator?

Wedding content creators are is an individuals who capture your wedding day using a mobile phone, primarily focusing on shooting videos in portrait orientation, such as 1920×1080, for instance. Within 24 hours of your big day, you can expect to receive hundreds of candid video clips. Unlike the fully edited feature-length films or highlight reels produced by videographers, the content creator offers a collection of numerous brief moments that encapsulate the candid, raw and behind the scenes moments of your special day.

How does a Wedding Content Creator work?

Once you’ve found your ideal Sydney wedding content creator, you book them jus like any other wedding suppler. Start with a video or phone discovery call and ask any questions to ensure you are on the same page. You’ll receive a rundown of what to expect and sign contract that outlines the details and inclusions. Once your wedding day arrives your content creator should work in unison with your photographer or videographer capturing all those wonderful candid moments. The next morning as a freshly married couple you’ll be able to download all you for wedding content with ease ready for sharing on social media.

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Where can I find a Wedding Content Creator?

As trusted Sydney wedding videographers of 9 years and counting, we’ve seen to our fair share of epic wedding celebrations. In 2023 and with the love of all things video, we decided to offer a glorious Wedding Content Creator package like no other, a special hybrid collection including the best of everything. If you’ve been searching for fun wedding content creator then look no further. Hit us up on our contact page and include the code “content10” when you fill in the form.

Will my Wedding Content Creator, Photographer & Videographer work together?

Absolutely. As experienced videographers our selves we work with photographers and other vendors every week, so as a content creator we know exactly how to work with other professionals in collaboration.

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What to consider when booking a Wedding Content Creator

How long will they stay at your wedding?

Consider which parts of the day are most important to you. Do you value the excitement of morning preparations with your besties or prefer to capture more dancefloor action. If your answer is “all of the above,” it’s best to hire someone committed to being present on your wedding day for around 8-9 hours.

What is the turnaround time and how much content will they create?

Inquire about the quantity of content you’ll receive, additionally ask for the vendor’s average turnaround time. While the allure of social content creation for your wedding day includes immediate satisfaction, be cautious if the vendor’s delivery time extends over several day or weeks.

Are your personalities a good fit?

You should feel relaxed and comfortable around your Sydney wedding content creator. After all, they’ll be running alongside you on one of the most important days of your life! So, make sure your personalities match before hiring them.

Check their reviews

These days its pretty easy to pick up a phone, create a TikTok page and call yourself a content creator. This important life milestone should be captured by a trusted professional. If they don’t have a website and merely a TikTok profile this could be a red flag. Read their reviews from past couples before you make your decision.

What will they use to capture the footage?

While most couples prefer classic iPhone content, your might prefer more unique mediums like super 8 film, portrait orientation drone footage or film photography. So, you know what to expect be sure to ask your content creator which different mediums they offer.

How much does a Wedding Content Creator Cost?

The cost of a Wedding Content Creator can range between $900- $2500.

This may vary depending on the content options chosen, the number of hours booked and the quality and experience of the wedding content creator.

Looking for a fun laid back wedding content creator? Wondering if we’re available on your wedding date? Wanting more info and detailed package options? Hit the contact tab below and we’ll get back to you real soon.