Wedding Videography Hunter Valley:

The Perfect Backdrop

As wedding videographers, the Hunter Valley has created the perfect backdrop to many of our wedding films. Well known for being glorious wine country, this region is full of rolling hills, rustic vineyards and mountain ranges that come together to create some of the most breathtaking scenery in New South Wales. The area is renowned for its fine wines, and these award-winning grapes are produced on many charming winery estates, many of which double up as beautiful wedding venues, a dream for your photographer and videographer.

Ticking all the boxes for good food, fine wine and uniquely dramatic landscapes amazing aerial cinematography, the Hunter Valley provides an abundance of stunning backdrops to capture your celebrations against, and each one is just as special as the next.
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What areas of the Hunter Valley do we cover?

The Hunter Valley has many wonderful locations that offer spectacular backdrops for wedding videography.

Some of these include:











Wyong Creek

How to choose a Wedding Videographer in the Hunter Valley

Here are our 9 tips to help you choose your dream videographer

  1. Chose a videographer who is experienced in filming in the Hunter Valley. (Experienced doesn’t necessarily mean overpriced)
  1. Find a wedding videographer that understands how to capture the uniqueness of the Hunter Valley, after all the natural scenery is probably one of the reasons why you have chosen this area. (If you’ve watched any of our films you may have noticed we often include picturesque imagery of your chosen locations to help shape the mood and tone of our films.)
  1. Choose a wedding videographer who is experienced in the use of drones and drone safety but also aerial cinematography. It really would be a crime not to include aerial footage of the Hunter Valley as part of your wedding day.
  1. Don’t choose a videographer just because they are the cheapest, bargain basement prices usually mean a bargain basement job.
  1. Check your videographers Google reviews, are they current? If their reviews are tuned off or missing this may be a red flag.
  1. Choose a wedding videographer who matches your style and vision for your wedding day. Some videographers focus more on capturing static details such as shots of rings, wedding cars, shoes and cufflinks while other videographers tend to focus more on authentic moments and the interactions between the couple, friends and family. Be sure to watch as many wedding films as possible and note which films you connect with.
  1. Understand the difference between choosing photographers who offer video versus choosing a separate photographer and videographer. (Read the full article here)
  1. Go with your gut, if something seems off this may be a red flag. Meet with your videographer in person or via a video chat. Your videographer should be able to answer all of your questions.
  1. Once you have decided on your wedding videographer be sure to sign a contract and get your chosen date locked in as soon as possible. Videographers that are in demand are often booked out for popular months 12-18 months beforehand.

What are some of the best Wedding Venues in The Hunter Valley?

The region invites a wedding that is relaxed and laid back, in keeping with its rural surroundings. This is what makes Hunter Valley so perfect for destination weddings, as their elegant wedding venues are the perfect antidote to busy city life. Some of my favourite wedding venues in the Hunter Valley are Circa 1876, Tocal Homestead, The Woodhouse and Wallalong House – you videographer and photographer will love you for choosing any of these locations, as they’re all just so magnificent.

How do you get to the Hunter Valley?

The simplest way to get to Hunter Valley from Sydney is by car. Depending on where you are in the city, it takes between 1-2 hours to get there. If you’re interstate and not up for the drive, then your alternative is to fly to Newcastle Airport and drive from there.

What style of Wedding Films do we create?

We craft wedding films to match your style and vision. From epic celebrations and packed dancefloors to authentic films with meaning and honest sincerity, we capture the beautiful moments, people, kind words, locations and love as it happens.

If your’re seaching for a Hunter Valley vidographer, check out our featured films or get in touch for more info on our videography packages that include elopements and micro weddings.

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